Hot Coffee

Best Coffee On The Island!
Regular, Dark Roast, Decaf, & Flavored Coffees available daily. Please Check with Barista to See What Today’s Brew is.

  • Island’s Best Espresso

    Espresso Macchiato Double espresso with a dollop of frothed milk
  • Café Mocha

    Double espresso, steamed milk, lots of chocolate, & whipped cream
  • Café Con Leche

    Double espresso, steamed milk, and lots of sugar
  • Café Au Lait

    Brewed coffee with steamed milk
  • Shot in the Dark

    Double espresso in brewed hot coffee
  • Americano

    Double espresso in hot water
  • Latte

    Double espresso, lots of steamed milk, a little froth.
  • Classic Italian Cappuccino (8 oz)

    Double espresso, a little steamed milk and froth - Viva Italia!
  • Café Cubano

    Double espresso poured over sugar
  • American Cappuccino

    Double espresso, little steamed milk, lots of froth!!!
  • Espresso Con Panna

    Double espresso topped with whipped cream
  • Café Caramel

    Double espresso, sweet caramel, steamed milk, whipped cream, with caramel drizzled on top

Don’t want caffeine? We can make any espresso drink with decaf. Don’t want dairy? We have soy milk & almond milk.

Coffee Alternatives

  • Chai Latte

    Our special chai mixture with steamed milk Creamy & delicious!
  • Chai Tea

    Our special chai mixture with hot water Creamy & delicious!
  • Hot Chocolate

    Made the old-fashion way, with chocolate syrup and steamed milk, topped with whipped cream
  • Hot Tea

    Please see our tea stand for your options
  • Iced Chai (Whole Ice)

    Our special iced chai mixture with milk, over ice cubes. Creamy & delicious!
  • Blended Chai (Crushed Ice)

    Our special chai mixture blended with milk or water and crushed ice
  • Steamer

    Steamed milk, with a shot of syrup flavoring

Iced Coffees (Whole Ice)

  • Iced Americano

    Double espresso, ice, and water.
  • Iced Café Caramel

    Double espresso, caramel, milk, & whipped cream, all over ice cubes
  • Iced Mocha

    Double espresso, chocolate, milk, & whipped cream, all over ice cubes.
  • Iced Cappuccino

    Double espresso, milk and froth, all over ice cubes
  • Iced Latte

    Double espresso and milk, all over ice cubes.
  • Perfect Iced Coffee

    Chilled black coffee over ice cubes.

Fruit Smoothies

  • Create Your Own Smoothies

    Please ask Barista for what flavors we offer!

Refreshing Cold Drinks

  • Flavored Iced Tea

    Raspberry, Peach, Mango, and more Sodas, Waters, Juices, and more in our drink case!
  • Iced Tea

    Brewed by hand in small batches, not sweetened
  • Pink Lemonade

  • Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade

Fresh Bagels

  • Fresh Bagels

    Baked fresh every morning! Choice of Cream Cheese, Butter, Jelly, Bannana or Cheese.

Breakfast (Served All Day)

Sorry, no menu items matched your criteria.

Fresh Baked Pastries

  • Fresh Baked Pastries

    Check the bakery case for today's goodies • Muffins • Scones • Cinnamon Rolls Croissants & More!

Deli Sandwiches / Wraps (Served With Chips & Fruit)

  • Grilled Veggie Quesadilla

    Mozzarella cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, and sweet peppers
  • Grilled Chicken Quesadilla

    Chicken and mozzarella cheese
  • Vegetarian Sandwich or Wrap

    Hummus, tomato, cucumber, red onion, lettuce, provolone cheese and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette
  • Grilled Cuban Sandwich

    Roasted pork, roasted turkey, swiss cheese, pickles, spicy mayo, and mustard, press-grilled hot on a soft roll
  • Turkey Bacon Club

    Sliced roasted turkey breast, crispy bacon, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, and spicy mayo
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich or Wrap

    Albacore tuna salad with tomato, lettuce, & red onion
  • Nova Bagel

    Smoked salmon, cream cheese, onions, and tomato
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich or Wrap

    White meat chicken salad with tomato, lettuce, & red onion


  • Tuna or Chicken Salad Platter

    Choose tuna or chicken salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion on a bed of baby green mix.
  • Tabouli & Hummus Platter

    Fresh tabouli salad, hummus, cukes, celery, carrots, and pita
  • Fresh Fruit Platter

    A selection of fresh, mixed, seasonal fruit
  • Greek Salad

    Mixed baby greens, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, black olives, feta cheese with balsamic oil vinaigrette
  • Grilled Chicken Salad

    Tomatoes, and cucumbers and onions topped with grilled chicken. Balsamic oil vinaigrette on the side.
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